Some of the services offered by the Paris Chamber

Advanced use of information and communication technologies


Notaries have been in a lead position in this area for several years. Here are some examples of our achievements:

Electronic authentic deeds

Since the law of 19 March 2000, authentic deeds can legally be created electronically and carry the same weight as a deed on paper. All notaries in France can now issue authentic deeds electronically, using an electronic exchange platform, a signature and a storage center, which meet the highest standards of security and reliability set by the State. In this way, someone selling an apartment in Nice can sign a deed online with his/her notary in Paris, whilst the buyer does the same with his notary in Marseille.

Electronic payment

Notaries now make most of their payments by electronic transfer and have access to both civil status registries and real estate data files, to which they directly forward data related to a sale. The service is both highly secure and fast.    The Paris Chamber offers its clients online viewing services of their accounts with the notaries.

Notarial workspace

For several years now, the Paris notaries have made available a secure online workspace to clients who request this service. This makes it possible to hold documentation relating to a matter centrally, and exchange information or draft deeds in complete confidentiality.   The Paris Notaries can also manage invitations to tender and electronic data rooms enabling the provision of online documentation for the most complex real estate transactions.

The electronic safe

This allows electronic client data to be safeguarded for around ten years and provides a legal date for their deposit, while at the same time guaranteeing the integrity of the contents of the data stored. Some data files can relate to hundreds  of thousands of documents.