Garantees given by a notary

Guaranties given by a Notaire

A Notaire guarantees impartiality and independence, his conduct is dictated by the strict rules of professional ethics and he is covered by professional risk insurance, unique to France.

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What is an “Acte Authentique”?

An “Acte Authentique” is a document drafted by a Notaire, signed by him, with his seal embossed on the document (the seal is granted by the State).

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How much will the Notaire cost?

The fees of a Notaire are regulated by the Government, the remuneration of a Notaire is subject to a national tariff, and is imposed on all Notaires (decree no. 78-262 of 8 April 1978 fixed tariff fees for Notaries).

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What do I do if I have a problem with my Notary?

The Board of Notaires, who represent Notaires at a departmental or interdepartmental level, are there to listen to your complaints. The Board will receive and analyse your claim which must be received by post.

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Some of the services offered by the Paris Chamber

For several years, notaries are in a lead position in this area. Here are some examples of our achievements.

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Real estate databases

Real estate databases were created in the notary profession more than twenty years ago.

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