Notaires settle estates and inheritance issues

Settle estates and inheritance issues


When a person of your family dies in France, you must go to a French notary to know which different administrative and tax formalities you must complete. The notary help you in these approaches and prepares acts to settle the estate.

The Notaire is indispensable when an estate is opened if it includes real-estate property or if the deceased had left a will.

He is specialised in inheritance law and is exclusively in charge of concluding the deeds that are required to settle the estate, to wit: devolution deed (“acte de notoriété”), deed of partition (“acte de partage”), inventory, etc.

The Notaire will take care of almost all the administrative proceedings and tax declarations.

Furthermore, he is in charge of:

•    Checking if the deceased has left a will, which must be taken into account when settling the estate,
•    Finding all the deceased’s heirs,
•    Determining each heir’s rights and explaining to them the assets they will inherit and their obligations in this regard,
•    Drawing up the devolution deed listing all the heirs and how they are entitled to inherit from the deceased,
•    Getting in touch with every relevant branch of the administration (social security, pensions department, insurance companies) and banks, as they will be dealing with them directly during the entire process,
•    Obtaining a copy of all relevant documents pertaining to the estate (i.e. death certificate, official family record book [livret de famille], donation deed between spouses if any, bank statements, life-insurance statements, income, tax returns, funeral bills, rent, utility bills, loans or guarantees),
•    Drawing up an inventory of all the property comprised in the estate,
•    If necessary, having the assets valued,
•    Drawing up the inheritance declaration,
•    Winding-up and sharing out the assets.