Civil partnership agreement, marriages and divorces

When two people live together, we say that they’re a couple within specified legal rules. If they want to organize their living life together, they could conclude a civil partnership agreement or a marriage. In this last case, their separation leads to their divorce.

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Notaires help with the transfer of family assets

It’s important to anticipate the transmission transfer of your property by making a donation when you’re still alive, or writing, in a will, your last wishes, which writing your last wishes in a will which will be executed when you’ll be dead when you die. If a member of your family is a vulnerable person, you can protect him or her in order that she‘ll not be unfortunate when you’ll be dead. to ensure he or she is provided for.

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Settle estates and inheritance issues

When a person of your family dies in France, you must go to a French notary to know which different administrative and tax formalities you’ve to do you must complete. The notary helps you in these approaches and prepares acts to settle the estate.

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