The notaries of Paris play a specific role in handling matters of property and family law (eg. inheritance, marriage, divorce), similar to the role undertaken by solicitors and conveyancers in the United Kingdom. As members of the French law profession, notaries are responsible for drawing up deeds relating to property purchase.
The Paris Chamber of Notaries website is intended as a source of legal information for anyone seeking to buy or sell property in Paris or the Paris area, whether it concerns a flat, a house or offices, for your own use or as a buy-to-let investment.
Our publications contain detailed analysis of the new and older property markets in Paris and the Paris area, along with all you need to know about taxes and fees.


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An overview of buying or selling property, information on property prices in Paris and the Paris area. Comprehensive property advice from notaries.



Family life, transfer of assets… essential information on all stages of family life, from birth to death: marriage or civil union, separation, family life, inheritance.



The notary acts on behalf of the French state. He advises on and draws up property sales and purchase contracts and deals with all certificates relating to family law.



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– The notary profession
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Quarterly review of market trends for new and older properties in Paris and the Paris area.